Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A New Frontier

At night, I've been taking three hour naps. Then, I'll wake up, eat, burp, have my diaper changed, then go back to sleep for another three hours. That seems to have been working for me. But it's not great for Mommy and Daddy. It's wearing them down. I can see it from all the angel dust in their eyes when they pick me up at 4 AM.

They never complain about it. They just do it with a smile because they love me so much.

So, after much self-deliberation, I decided to give them a nice little gift, from me to them.

I took a five hour nap tonight.

You heard me. Five hours. That's 300 minutes. And I followed that up with a four hour nap.

Which means that, instead of Mommy and Daddy waking up twice during the night, they only had to wake up once.

And who says infants can't say "I love you too".

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