Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yep. I'm A Dude

Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor's office for yet another checkup. This time, however, the doctor had two medical students in with her to observe and practice on me. Usually, I take the attitude that I'm not a piece of meat, and I don't like doing things twice.

But this time, one of the med students was a chick, and she was kinda cute.


So when Daddy took off my onesie so the doctor could check me out, I made sure I was always flexing, so the med student could check me out too. And when the doctor checked my throat by placing a flat wooden stick on my tongue, I shook it off like it was nothin'. And I showed her what I had to offer with the way I smoothly moved around on the tissue paper on the examination table.

But then came the final test of my burgeoning manhood...two vaccinations.

Two needles.

One in each leg.

Zero tears.

You heard that right.

Zero. Tears.

She had to be impressed. Had to. I know I made my point.

If I had a man musk, I'd know she'd be digging it. And I know that if I had a driver's license, a car, a bachelor pad, a credit card and a solid "in" with the best restaurants in the city, let's just say...whoop whoop.

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