Friday, December 05, 2008

Date Night

With Grandma and Grandpa here to take care of me, Mommy and Daddy decided to go on a “date night”, which involves getting dressed up, going out to dinner, catching a movie and then having a couple of drinks. Seems kinda lame to me, but what do I know? I’m just two months old (almost).

What Mommy and Daddy don’t realize, however, that it’s also “date night” for me, Grandma and Grandpa. That means we can spend some quality time together and really get to know each other.

We began by communicating. Grandpa would sing to me. Grandma would babytalk to me at a high pitch. And I would cry “hulla, hulla, hulla” and they would correctly interpret it that I’m hungry.

Then we played. Grandpa and Grandma would make funny faces at me, and they would stare at all the funny faces I made right back at them, which they would interpret as smiling, but which I secretly knew was gas.

And then I decided to play a joke on them. I made believe that I went to sleep. And then Grandma put me back in my bassinet. As they watched TV, I would make these noises – or caws, like an owl – and Grandma would get up and check on me. Now, Mommy and Daddy call my bluff on these caws, but with Grandma being a newbie at watching me, well, she was as gullible as all get out.

I cawed about seven times. And she checked on me about seven times.

You would think she would get the point.

She did not.

Or maybe she just liked to look at me.

Good times.

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