Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historic Day

I spent last night at Gram and Grampa's place. You know, a nice little sleepover. Mommy was heading back to work on Tuesday morning, Daddy was returning to his daily grind, and since I spent an entire week 2500 miles away from Gram and Grampa, they wanted to watch me for an entire night and following day. Color me lucky.

But what was really amazing was that I sat down with Gram and Grampa and watched Barack Obama be inaugurated as our president. Daddy told me this before, and Grampa told me it again: If I put my mind to it, I can be anything. I've only been on this planet for three months, and that's the world I live in. Pretty cool, huh?

When Mommy picked me up and Daddy came home, they told me how I should always keep that in mind, that every door has been kicked down for me, and that my life is what I make it to be.

Okay, I got it.

But later on is when I really felt it. Mommy came back from yoga early, like an entire hour early. She was crying because she hated being away from me for so long. But when she barreled through the door, I was snugly in Daddy's arms. That's when I realized that, well, yes the world is open to me, but I'm heading into it with a lot of love and care and precaution around me.

It's not just up to me. I'm not alone. Nowhere near it, actually. It's all up to us.

Let's see what we do with it.

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