Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Addition to the Mixture

My life is pretty simple: During the week, Mommy watches me. At night, when Daddy comes home, he's got me. At certain blocks of time during the week, Gram, Grampa or Auntie Pua will spend some time with me. And when I'm back in New York, Grandma and Grandpa got my back.

Simple, right?

Well, look who we got here. A new face to add in. From what I've gathered, Mommy and Daddy are fixing it to have Wednesday nights all to themselves to do whatever they want. Supposedly, Mommy wants to go to yoga and Daddy, well, who the heck knows what he does in his spare time. So they hired a permanent babysitter for Wednesday nights.

She's a friend of Mommy's family. She's young, but not my age. Mommy walked her through all things Wyatt, and she seems bright enough to follow. Then again, I'm fairly low maintenance. If you know how to smile at me or stick your tongue out or sing some songs, then you've got a captive audience of one very important infant.

And in case you were wondering, the answer is yes. I've already put my full flirt on. How could I not? I'm seventeen pounds of sex appeal.

So welcome to the group, Nathalie. I look forward to you cleaning up my poop.

(Yep, I'm into that sort of thing).

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