Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Plan

Like I mentioned before, with Mommy heading back to work on Tuesday and Thursdays, life is a little different. On Tuesday, I spent my morning at Gram and Grampa's, so I didn't experience anything different other than the house was a little chillier than it is back home.

This morning, it was all business.

Daddy went into the shower first while Mommy watched me. Then Daddy watched me as Mommy got herself ready for work. Then Mommy left, leaving me with Daddy. We had a nice time chatting with each other and having a good ol' fashioned "Smile-Off" (I won, of course), until Gram came over, at which point Daddy finished getting ready and took off.

Mommy then came home around two feedings and two naps later.

I guess this is the way things are gonna be from here on out. Can't say I mind it. I get some solid alone time with Gram, who does "Tummy Time" with me, sings "Inky Dinky Spider" and talks to me. We watch TV together. I'm the complete center of her attention.

Then, when Mommy gets home, she's missed me so much that I'm also the complete center of her attention. And then when Daddy gets home later, he's missed me so much that, yes, I'm also the complete center of his attention too.

You can see how a lesser kid can get spoiled.

Me? I'm just gonna appreciate this.

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