Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Help

Uncle Will came over to watch some sports with Daddy. He's gonna be a daddy soon, and Daddy's been walking him through all the little things it takes to be a good one. Or, at least, one that would not accidentally break a little boy.

So he came over just in time to feed me some formula. Daddy told him how to bend his arm so my head can nestle comfortably. He showed him how to hold the bottle. He explained what it sounds like when I'm taking in air. Then he had Uncle Will gently rock me to sleep.

I let this whole process take longer than it normally would, mostly because I felt like he needed the work. I didn't raise the difficulty level. I just let him dangle on the line a little more.

And before you get on me for being cruel, I did him a solid and threw him a couple of smiles his know, for the effort.

But when I did that and I saw his face light up in return, I realized that he's gonna be a good dad, no matter how he holds his boy. He's just one caring dude. Heck, he was practicing on me before he has one of his own. How cool is that?

Which means that's he's gonna be the dad of one lucky kid.

I always hear Mommy and Daddy say that, now that they're parents, they finally get their own parents. I don't know what that means, mostly because the most important people to me are me and the giraffe toy I put in my mouth when I'm teething. But seeing Uncle Will like that makes me think that, once you stop being the center of your world that the world opens up.

But I'm a long way from that ever happening.

In fact, I'm just thinking about the next thing I want Uncle Will to learn. I'd have given him more tonight if I weren't so constipated.

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