Sunday, January 04, 2009


Mommy always calls me "MonkeyMoo". It's a weird name. From what I gather, my handle is Wyatt (or maybe "Why It?") and my last name isn't MonkeyMoo. So...what the heck?

Let's break it down:

Monkey: I do not look like a Monkey. I don't crawl or walk yet, so that doesn't walk. Yes, I do have some hair on my ears, but I'm kinda bald on my head so there's no connection there. I don't eat bananas, but I reckon that when I get big enough, I'll like them. I do not play the cymbals. Hey, I do sound like a monkey sometimes. Maybe that?

Moo: I am not a cow. I do not have spots. I may be a big kid, but I'm not cow sized. I don't have horns, and I also don't have enough hair to put them in a horn shape. I've never worn leather or been draped in leather product.


I gave myself a headache thinking about it. So I began to cry.

That's when Mommy came by to feed me. I draped myself all over her, hanging on her like I'm on monkeybars, and then drank some milk from her teat.



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