Friday, January 30, 2009


Mommy and Daddy took me to a game night with some of my friends. Tanner was there. So was Reese. So was Olive and Jack. Beckett stayed home.

We didn't get a chance to play much. It was late, and we were all wiped out.

However, all the parents weren't. They got together, ate dinner, had some drinks and then played a game. And they drank. And drank. And the more they drank, the louder they got. And the louder they got, the more of us that woke up.

One by one.

But me? Nah. I slept through it. I found them to be boring.

You heard me. Bore. Ring.

Look, if you're gonna get all drunk and have some fun, if all the kids are asleep, then let loose. Dance on tables. Break some windows. Have someone call the authorities. Light your farts on fire. Then, maybe, I'll open my eyes and see what's up.

Until then, snore.

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