Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Antibiotics Suck

I overheard Mommy saying something to the effect that whenever she takes antibiotics, her stomach goes haywire, and then a cousin agreed with her.


I've been dropping bombs non-stop. And, although they've been the silent type, and although they can ruin any nose, they hurt. Really hurt. I have to crunch up my legs and really force them out.

And then there's the poops. They've been brown or green. What? They've been mostly liquid and somewhat solid. I've been filling up a diaper like it's nobody's business.

And those moans and groans you hear coming from me? They're real, folks. I'm in discomfort.

Let me say this now and let me say this loud: Antibiotics suck. Absolutely suck. I know they're gonna make me feel better later, but is it worth feeling like crap right now?

Because, right now, I feel brown or green.

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