Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Nebulizer

We're winding up my nebulizer treatment, so I should take this time to tell you about it.

The nebulizer is a mask that Mommy or Daddy puts on over my face. They sit behind me and hold me while I suck in all the fresh air with the steroids. It lasts somewhere between five and ten minutes, depending on how still I can sit.

Yeah, it's medicine that I'm forced to take, but there's an upside to it.

To help me sit still, Mommy or Daddy allow me to watch anything I want.

That means I don't have to watch Mommy's home improvement shows.

Or Daddy's eighth straight viewing of "SportsCenter".

In fact, when I'm using the nebulizer and I'm in control of the telly, it's all about the Barnyardigans. And Noggin. And Diego.

As if you'd think I didn't know about them.

C'mon. We're prepped about important stuff like that in the womb.

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