Thursday, February 05, 2009


I've got a great smile. Sometimes, when someone entertains me, I'll smile big enough where you can see my gums. And then, my dimple will summon its majesty and charm the diapers off anyone who sees it.

It works great. And I can pull it off for anyone at anytime.

But I've been meaning to figure out a new way to applaud and admire those who take their entertaining of me to new heights. You know, take my game to a new level for those who take their game to a new level.

And I've done it with something simple.

When someone (usually Daddy because he's funny) does something that really truly entertains me, I smile. But with that smile comes a noise. It begins from my stomach, distilled at my throat, rattles around the roof of my mouth and pops out of my lips. It sounds like a hiccup, yes, but it's joyous. Whimsical. Bubbly. And I put a series of them together to make a laugh.

I think it's a winner.

It's the least I could do.

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