Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Standing Up To Be Counted

One thing that I've enjoyed doing recently is standing up. Here's how I go about it in a simple eight part process that's much easier to do than it looks:

1. I make everyone know that I'm tired of sitting down. Usually, I just begin whining.
2. I wait for someone to grab both of my wrists.
3. I dig my heels into the ground.
4. I tighten my stomach.
5. I straighten my legs.
6. I lift my tush off the ground and stand.
7. I smile.
8. Balance.

After that happens, these things occur:

1. Everyone looks at me and laughs (or, in some cases, applauds).
2. I'm complimented on how strong I am (and, in most cases, how cute I am)
3. Everyone wants me to do it again.

And we repeat.

All in all, not a shabby way to spend a couple of hours.

Wait until I start charging money for this.

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