Friday, April 03, 2009

Avocado and Rice Cereal

Avocados are in the shape of a football. When you open them up, they are green. They have a nut inside that you need to take out. You can scoop up the edible part with a spoon. And when you crush it with your fork, it becomes mushy.

But an avodaco alone is kinda tasteless. I mean, it's not bad, but I like what adults do with avocados when they make guacamole. I'm too young for that.

So to help me become an avocado addict like any self-respecting Californian, Mommy's been mushing up the crushed avocado with some rice cereal. It makes it a little thicker without having it chunky. I only have one tooth. I can't chew a thing.

I gotta say it's been working.

Mommy makes it and then puts it into my little blue bowl, then scoops it up into my little red spoon and feeds it to me. And with each bite, I dig it more and more, as demonstrated by my loud moaning between swallows.

Pretty soon I'll demand the salsa in it.

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