Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hands...What a Concept!

Coming from a family that's half Italian, I'm learning that a perfectly acceptable way of communicating is by using my hands. Daddy is so good at it, he can sometime communicate with only one finger.

But since I'm almost seven months old but not quite, I'm just working on using my hands.

The first trick I've learned is to high five. That means great job. When someone shows me the palm of their hand, my job is to touch it. Pretty simple stuff. And it gets a great reaction. Good times.

The other trick I've learned is to wave. Waving means hello. It also means goodbye. And I can achieve it one of two ways: by turning my wrist like a windshield wiper, or by opening and closing my hand.

Sometimes, I forget to do it, but I'm learning that adults don't. In fact, they do it until I do it in return. It's a nice tradition.

But here's a dirty little secret: When they wave at me, sometimes I just stare at them, as if this whole greeting thing is a foreign topic to me. But it ain't. I just want to see how long they'll do it until they stop.

The record is 43 seconds.

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