Monday, April 27, 2009


Grandpa bought me this basketball hoop, and although I've been taking notes from watching the NBA Playoffs with Dad, I still need a lot of work. I'm no LeBron or Kobe right now. But I'm getting there.

I've heard rumors that Mommy and Daddy were really good on the hardwood. But looking at them, I can just assume it's all that: rumors.

Anyways, I'm working on my form. Actually, I'm working on just holding onto the little basketball that came with the set. Right now, I can lift it up to my chin, at which point, it goes into my mouth.

At some point, I'll dunk it. With two hands. And hang on the rim. Then scream. With authority.

And when I'm done, I'll look at everyone who tried to stop me and eye them down to let them know that they can't. It's impossible. I am a force of nature on the hardwood.

Until then, it tastes good.

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