Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Adults do this thing called clapping. It involves smacking the palms of your hands together repeatedly in order to make a sound. The reason you do this is to show some appreciation for something that someone did.

I learned how to do this. It's kinda easy.

But you know what's weird? I get the opposite reaction. I clap to appreciate something. But then whoever is watching me clap then claps because I clapped. So they are appreciating me clapping even though I am only clapping because I'm appreciating something else.

But they're only clapping because I'm clapping. They couldn't care less for what I'm clapping for. There's no transference here. It's a broken chain of clapping.

I'm still gonna clap. It's fun, and I like it how, when I do it too much, it numbs my hands.

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