Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feet First

When Grandpa watches me, he likes to take me to the children's play area at Golden Gate Park. There's a carousel there, but I'm too small to ride on it and it might give me vertigo. And there's monkey bars there too, but that would be a scary drop and although I climb over Mommy like a monkey, this is different. So I'm relegated to the slide, which I'm getting the hang of.

The first time I did it, Grandpa held me as I went head first, and I gotta say, even though Grandpa was there, I really wasn't digging this. Hearts would break if I messed up this face.

So we flipped the script and he had me go down feet first, which I've heard is also the proper way to slide into second base. And although I was using my feet to stop along the way, I dug it. My feet hit the sand and I wanted to do it again do it again do it again.

Slides are now my friends.

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