Friday, May 08, 2009

Meeting Wes

Today I got a chance to finally meet my lifelong friend Wes. He was just born a couple of weeks ago, and he was a couple of weeks early, so he was tiny. But he was also really cute, and I mean that in a "it's totally cool, bro" type of way.

I was kinda loud, doing my share of cawing in the room. The adults in the room couldn't make out what I was saying, and that was the point. My words were for Wes alone, and they were golden nuggets of advice.

I told him that a diaper change is a perfect time to pee in someone's face.

I told him that it's okay to make believe you don't know what's happening if it causes an adult to look like an idiot.

I told him that when drinking breast milk, if you swoosh it around your mouth before you swallow, the aftertaste kinda reminds you of tangerines.

And I told him that if he ever needs anything, I'm not too far away.

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