Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another Uncle Jack Connection

Today was Uncle Jack's party, so we all went to Gram and Grampa's house to celebrate. I got to spend some more time with Uncle Jack. We were both wearing newsboy caps. I had mine on because I look really cute in it. He was wearing his because I think he actually has a route around here when he visits.

Or so I'd like to believe.

Mommy and Daddy brought me in the hot tub, and I got to swim with my big cousins Dylan and Tanner. It was fun. What made it even more fun was that Gram bought me a green swimmy thing that keeps me afloat. So Mommy and Daddy have their hands free, which means they can tickle me in the hot tub. And, just as important, that makes me independent.

Or so I'd like to believe.

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