Monday, June 08, 2009


Before I was even born, Auntie Sue and Uncle Mike bought a monkey bean bag for me. For months, it's been sitting in my room, right next to my crib, and it's been as hard as a rock. But every so often, Daddy will sit on it, and before you know it, the bean bag became soft.

And, today, he brought it into the living room.

With my new crawling technique down, I'm able to get anywhere I need to at rapid speeds. And suddenly, this bean bag is now in my play domain, and, you know, I gotta check it out. Make sure it's a friend. Give it the okay to even be here.

So I crawled to it, grabbed onto the monkey ears, pulled myself up, stared at the monkey eye to eye and stared it down.

Then I fell down.

And then I pulled myself up again.

And then I fell down.

And then I pulled myself up again and realized how much fun this is. I mean, it's soft, it squishes, it's big enough to present a I looked at the monkey eye to eye one last time and said, "Monkey, you can stay. You are my friend."

And that's how the monkey made it to my living room.

In case you asked.

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