Friday, November 14, 2008

Argyle. Who Knew?

Daddy had to take off for a work trip, and that left me with Mommy to go to a party in Marin for some family friends. It was their 40th wedding anniversary, which kind of really blew me away, considering I've only been alive for 39 days. I salute them. Well done.

Mommy dressed me in this extra sharp argyle sweater she bought for me at Babies R'Us. And I gotta say, everyone thought I looked hot in it. And truly, I'm a fashionplate in it, especially when I'm sporting a fauxhawk.

In fact, I think the whole "adult" look in my size really works for me. I can really pull that off and maybe score some chicks along the way.

So bring me your vests, berets and chinos. Bring me your stripes, argyles and vintage looks. Bring me your fitted and loose cuts. I will wear them and I will rock them.

But I won't do a monocle.

Oh hells no.

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