Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shown Off

I'm beginning to get the feeling that I'm being used.

Mommy and Daddy invited their friends Uncle Will and Aunt Kristine over because their other friends, John and Becky, were in town. I met everyone, and everyone got a chance to hold me at some point. And everyone made googly eyes at me and told me how perfect I was and so on and so forth. And when I went to sleep, supposedly that was a cue for everyone to go home.

And that got me thinking: I believe I am a pawn in Mommy and Daddy's neverending quest of impressing everyone they know. They hold me up as a tribute of what they can create if they put their minds to it. I am the very best they can do, and they're damn proud of it.

And that got me feeling mighty flattered.

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